Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Bush's port mess

Bush has said that this port plan will go on even with the Dubai company saying they will give us our 45 day review. The arrogance huh, of this company to say we give you 45 days. We're the US right or have we become the bitch of the world and owe people favors. It is better to give instead of receiving favors I was always told, but what do I know. This port deal is going to hurt Bush and his band of merry idiots pretty bad. The only thing I'm worried about is the weak Dems.....Are they going to take this opportunity and run with it or fumble it at the 1 yard line like Jerome Bettis (no disrespect I like the dude).

AOL has lost thier collective minds

Over at dailykos.com I've found out that aol is trying to charge for e-mails that is just crazy. Head over to dearaol.com to sign a petition please. I'm an aol user and dkos said they might consider blocking thier site to aol users in protest to this madness. I can't live w/out my daily-kos.....Sign or Die

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Iran and Nukes

Ok Ok people Iran is about to get nukes!? Who the hell cares we got Nukes the Jewish State has Nukes what we gonna do about it? Everybody knows if someone nukes the US it's over for everybody so I don't think it really matters who else has them. I think it's like when 50 sleeps with his vest on it makes them feel safe.

5 Dimes comes back??

50 put out a weak ass diss I don't know when it came out but let me tell you it's wack as hell. Check out allhiphop.com for the track. Do it soon because they take tracks down all the time. Holla at ya boy and let me know what you think. He could've came much harder after all the tracks Hurricane has put out including two full mixtapes coming at the whole unit. I don't know what the man who "runs N.Y. with an iron fist" is thinking (5 dimes quote not mine).